Yagya Pujan

The Yagya, also called Vedic Yagya, Yajna or Yagna, is an ancient Vedic technique of connecting one to pure consciousness and bliss.

Yagya is a special Vedic performance performed by traditional Vedic Pandits (Priest) specially trained in this field from very childhood.

It is the most powerful remedy used in Vedic Astrology from the time immemorial to neutralize the negative influences of planets and enhance the positivity in life. Performance of Yagyas on a regular basis is beneficial to man & bestows peace.

Yagyas are done to increase the quantity of good karma one needs to lead success and peaceful life. It is a advanced level of Puja's those are perfomed for certain positive goals and expectations and those have been being fulfilled in past.

According to the hindu tradition, Vishnu is the most important deity.

Vishnu Yagya Havan have many positive aspects, which help to bring fearless, lots of joy, success and happiness in life.

Vishnu Yagya Havan help to fulfill the desires and bring happiness, success, harmony and prosperity in life. Its also establish the peace, prosperity and happiness in life.

Vishnu Yagya Havan destroy the negative thought in life and lead you towards the path of fame and success.

It helps to remove the all kinds of conflicts and problems in life. And bring the success in life.

The lord Vishnu is adoring the weapon known as the sudrshan chakra. It is the weapon of loard Vishnu in the form of disc. This chakra is used to protect the evil forces.

Astrologers perform the various types of puja. According to the hindu mythology, the chakra is made up of cosmic energy.

Vishanu Yagya Havan is very dominant yagya and remove all kind of problems and dilemma from the life.

So, in this way, celebrate Vishnu Yagya Havan and seek Lord Vishnu divine blessings and wishes and bring lots of happiness, joy and success in one’s life