Para Transition

Spiritual transformation is a great experience. When spiritual energy shifts and comes to a peak, forcing human consciousness to expand, it is called para-transition.

In many ways, para-transition mirrors the journey of a flower. The tiny seed's energy, that quintessential invisible essence, forces the hull open. From the soil's darkness, it grows rapidly upward into the light. Into full bloom. It sways with the wind for a while. Then, the essence lets go and the flower's body returns to the Earth. The flower doesn't have a choice in the matter. It grows because it's alive. Its purpose is to bloom.

Humans evolve on a similar continuum. Our vibrant magnificent blooms are consciousness awakening, expanding, and opening up. Opening up into what? Into full conscious understanding of the spiritual self. Through an integrated connection between the soul life and the human self. Integration is a complete understanding that human life is an achievement (or actualization), through the soul's fulfillment.

When para-transition happens, spiritual matters come into focus and we realize the soul's existence. Tucked like petals, within the human experience. So, what is that force, pushing us, urging us to grow? How do we harness our soul's spiritual energy bubbling up, forcing to be acknowledged, into conscious awareness within the body, without falling apart?

Then you know you are in a para-transition when the body, including emotions, is in discomfort. This happens because although the mind's logic will do somersaults to negate a spiritual experience, the body never lies.

When an uptick of spiritual energy floods consciousness, the brain works hard using all its power to make para-transition.