Meditation for omniscient

The meditator's head, tuned to the dynamically resonant frequencies established in the brain during meditation, serves simultaneously as a transmitting and receiving antenna within the cosmos; and keeps on knowledgably exchanging the intellectual and intuitional impulses all across the cosmic integration of the ever expanding universe. The environment on the surface of our planet too is known to be a constantly active and ever changing electromagnetic field.

Meditator's this state of attunement is called the physio-kundalini reflex and is compared to classical descriptions of the awakening of kundalini within the human nervous system. It proposes that the subjective experiences of bliss and ecstasy which accompany higher meditation or samadhi; result when the closed loop current flowing around the sensory cortex is coupled with an adjacent pleasure area within the cortex of the meditator.

A meditator always keeps on establishing this series of dependent oscillating systems which result in attainment of a state of bliss consciousness, which normally occurs over years of regular practice of meditation. However, the experience may occasionally occur spontaneously in some individuals, and may also be induced through direct contact with a Guru.

A meditator always enjoys the realization of cosmic and enlightened consciousness. It establishes that the final oscillating circuit is created when the tissues of the sensory cortex in the brain are electrically polarized to the point where there is a circulation of electrical current in both hemispheres of the meditator's brain. As a result, two pulsating magnetic fields of opposing polarities are formed about the meditator's head, and these pulsate in harmony with the rest of the oscillating system (7 cycles per second).

A meditator experimentally verifies and measures these two fields around the head of meditating subject. It proposes that the head of the meditator who has achieved the state in which these mechanisms are sequentially activated, begins to function as an antenna, by which the magnetic fields generated by the individual in successful meditation are coupled and integrated into both the geomagnetic force field of the earth below and the electromagnetic and other influences of the universe at large; and resultantly the meditator becomes the omniscient with the entire operational factums of the cosmos.