Meditation for omnipotence

Omnipotence in the vision and the practice of the meditators gets rise through the dynamic Changes in the environmental, planetary and universal electro magnetic fields that feed the brain by interacting with the magnetic fields of the meditating individual, keep on continuously modulating and modifying the frequency at which the brain resonates. This modulation is cautiously interpreted by the brain as useful information and expresses itself automatically, manifesting as greater omnipotent cosmic awareness and sensitivity in daily life.

This is why a yogi always maintains perfect health and vitality, adjusting to variations of season and other cyclical changes and coping with stressful and adverse situations effortlessly. Through cosmic attunement of his nervous system he is automatically pre-warned and forever prepared at a fundamental or preconscious level to cope with every change. Perhaps the state of super-consciousness is a basic magnetic and bio-electrical attunement with the universe.

In the 1st International Conference on Psychotronic Research in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1973, this same fundamental idea of individual integration with the universal fluctuating bioelectric field was very well proposed. They used this idea to explain the phenomena of psychic perception, telepathy, clairvoyance and other parapsychological and paranormal abilities by which added dimensions of knowledge become available by extrasensory means to suitably attuned individuals.

In yoga these psychic abilities, known as siddhis, develop naturally and spontaneously as meditation continues and cosmic integration occurs. The yogi, however, seeks full self-realization rather than isolated powers and psychic abilities as the goal of his quest.